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Our Quality Philosophy; Technical and Target Oriented Work

About US

Customer satisfaction with high performance in quality, price and delivery constitute the essential dynamics of EMS Elif Makine. Both the management and production and other departments of the factory serve the biscuit sector employees. With a customer-oriented perspective, it is a company that reflects its knowledge and experience to its products and services. Our customers experience the comfort and confidence of superior performance in quality, price and delivery. The success of EMS Elif Machine lies at the secret of these points. The employees of our company consist of expert technicians and engineers. With years of knowledge and experience, we produce biscuit-crackers and cakes machines with total quality management approach with standard methods and processes. The materials used in our machines are selected in the most appropriate quality and forms. We are a company that gives utmost importance to continuous development and innovative approach and studies. Working with our customers and shaping the technology of the future biscuit-crackers and cake machines is our basic vision to be the world leader in this field.


Our quality policy

  • To comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System and to ensure its effectiveness by continuously improving this system,
  • To create quality awareness in our personnel and suppliers,
  • To increase customer satisfaction by producing products in accordance with the requirements and expectations of our customers,
  • Quality-oriented work in all our activities.
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